4 creators who will inspire you to invest in our planet

Gazooky Studios recently launched Muster, a meta playground for team learning and development. Muster replaces traditional carbon intensive company offsites with richly immersive multiplayer experiences that foster team building without the environmental footprint.

The project was created after CEO of Muster, Tim Lambert, calculated that his 2019 company travel to Poland added up to an equivalent of 1,431,000 lbs of CO2. This trip sparked a question for Lambert: could there be a better way for clients to access learning and development services but still meet sustainability targets?

Rosemary Kay, CEO of Gazooky Studios, believes that Muster has the potential to make a massive difference. “Our platform has an emissions calculator which displays the total amount of avoided CO2 for a given event. Team members simply input their location and the platform does the rest. The immediate data visualization of avoided emissions can spark an interesting and positive conversation among team members, who can see the benefit of choosing a remote learning and development platform before the fun has even begun. Companies can also use this data in their ESG reporting. Shifting an entire workforce to this sort of model would have a huge impact on both a company’s bottom line and their ability to reduce GHG emissions.”

Muster uses Unity to build their 3D environments and avatars, and Kay shared the benefits of using such a “plug and play” tool for development. “Our 3D avatars and environments are what allow us to design such engaging games, which in turn drives our core value.”

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