10 Signs You Should Invest in Cross Platform Apps

Cross platform apps are becoming increasingly popular as they allow users to access their favorite apps and programs on multiple devices. If you are considering investing in cross platform app development, here are ten signs that it’s a good idea!

How to determine if your business needs cross platform apps

If you are not sure whether your business needs cross platform apps, there are a few things you can consider. 

First, think about what kind of business you have. For example, cross platform apps might not be necessary if you have a brick-and-mortar store. However, a cross-platform app could be very beneficial if you have an online or service-based business.

Second, think about what kind of customer base you have. If your customers primarily use iOS devices, then an iOS app might be all you need. However, if your customers are using various devices, cross-platform apps could be beneficial for reaching them all. 

Third, think about your budget. Developing an app can be expensive, so you’ll need the device if the benefits of cross platform apps are worth the cost. 

Ultimately, only you can decide whether cross platform apps are the right for your business. However, these are some things to remember as you make your decision. 

Do you want to reach the broadest possible Audience with cross platform apps?

Cross platform apps are becoming increasingly popular in reaching the possible broadcast audience. Cross platform apps can be installed on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This means that your app will have the potential to reach a wide range of people. 

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Are you targeting multiple demographics?

If you’re trying to reach multiple demographics with your app, then cross platform development is a good option. This way, your app will be accessible to a broader range of people. 

Targeting a precise user or users across multiple platforms is called cross-device targeting or cross-device marketing. The main goal is to analyze and understand your audience so that you can reach them through their favourite platforms or mediums.

Do you want to improve employee productivity by using cross platform tools?

If you want to improve employee productivity, investing in cross platform apps is a pragmatic approach. Utilizing cross platform app development tools provides a set of flexibilities to software engineers.

With the correct cross platform app development ecosystem, employees can collaborate on projects regardless of where they are. This ensures that deadlines are met, and tasks are completed efficiently.

With the RAD Studio ecosystem, you can get the highest productivity level. For instance, hundreds of built-in components and the UI development environment are among the best in the market. The latest version of RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria has all the latest functionalities and support for the latest technologies.

Besides, the pool of third-party components is so prominent in Delphi and FireMonkey ecosystem that if you want to make something big, there is already a library or component available.

Do you need an app that can be used on multiple devices?

If you need an app that can be used on multiple devices, then investing in cross platform apps is the best idea. Cross platform apps are designed to work on numerous operating systems with exact functionalities (except the UI/UX).

Moreover, investing cross platform apps is also a good idea if you want to save money. Developing separate apps for each operating system can be expensive and requires skilled engineers in several technologies. 

As we mentioned about the Delphi and FireMonkey above, this combination is one of the ideal options to start with cross-platform app development. The architecture of FireMonkey and Delphi compiler is capable of building native applications.

In addition, the Delphi toolchain is always up to date, enabling you to target all the latest operating systems. For instance, the macOS 64bit ARM compiler and toolchain can build universal binaries, including Intel/ARM versions for AppStore submissions.

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Do you want to save time (and money) by investing in one app and a single code base?

With cross platform frameworks, you only have to develop one app that can be used on multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. You can target these platforms with a single codebase if you opt for cross-platform development for your next project.

A research whitepaper “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform Framework Through Benchmarking” analyses the current best framework for cross-platform development. If you happen to read this document, you can see that Delphi with FireMonkey is one of the most secure and productive toolchains you can experience.

You Want to Take Advantage of The Latest Cross Platform Frameworks.

Suppose you have been exploring and learning about the latest cross platform app development frameworks and ecosystems. In that case, we have an article that thoroughly analyzes the steps to find the best environment. Here learn more about it here in this article.

Why FireMonkey?

FireMonkey is known as one of the best cross-platform frameworks because of its architecture. FireMonkey is designed to build true native applications for macOS, Android, iOS, Windows and Linux using a single codebase. FireMonkey applications leverage the full power of today’s hardware with native CPU performance and GPU-powered visuals on tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Moreover, the RAD Studio is the key role player because of its fully-featured form designing environment. Rather than writing 3-6 lines of code to draw a button, you drag and drop it. In other technologies, there is not much rapid prototyping where you can see everything in one sight. Yes, they might offer a live preview, but RAD Studio has this FireUI live preview (without building) feature for a longer time. Besides, we are seeing new cross-platform app development frameworks now and then, but without the fully-featured UI designer, there is not much demand for them.

Moreover, I have seen developers complaining about the theming on other frameworks and being unable to tweak a component’s behaviour easily. 

In addition, FireMonkey’s underlying visual control architecture can provide multiple presentation implementations per control called ControlTypes. In particular, native OS control presentations can be utilized and easily apply themes and make unique UI.

10 Signs You Should Invest in Cross Platform Apps

Maybe you are thinking about the web technologies offering cross-platform development – by calling them easy to deploy and rapidly targeting all users. Well, it might seem incredible, but your app can be bloated in minutes since there is little security with web technologies and a lack of access to hardware and OS functions. Likewise, web-powered cross-platform apps utilize high memory compared to true native apps.

You Need an App That Can Be Updated Regularly.

In some cases, cross platform apps are easier to scale and maintain, so you won’t have to worry about your app becoming outdated or difficult to manage. For example, you can easily make changes with a single code base.

Top Frameworks for Cross Platform Apps

There are several top-rated frameworks for developing cross platform apps. Some of the most popular ones include React Native, MAUI and FireMonkey.

Each of these frameworks has its uniqueness. MAUI is a new technology by Microsoft and provides a great developer community but is still not stable as FireMonkey. Or React Native is one of the loved ones, but the performance is still lower than native and can not deliver the ultimate user experience in the result; like behaves like a web app and does not correctly align the UI controls if you rotate the device and needs a refresh to draw the UI controls with expected aligning. Or the Flutter that everyone is talking about. Well, yes, it is crazy when it comes to creating animation-based client apps. However, we are not seeing high demand, and it is still in the growing phase and lacks third-party libraries and programming language – Dart is not as great as other languages like C#, Java, Delphi, or C++. So, Delphi with FireMonkey is the ideal toolchain for your next project.

When choosing a framework for your cross platform apps, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and goals. But in general, you can build essential operational apps within a single code base with almost all frameworks.

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You Need to Boost Sales and Revenue

Another benefit of cross platform apps is that they’re often more affordable than traditional app development. Rather than building separate apps for each platform, cross-platform development is cheaper; by this, you can invest in most core features.

Moreover, lots of marketplaces you can target to. If you primarily work with iOS and Android markets, the Delphi with FireMonkey combination is the best option. Moreover, lots of marketplaces you can target to. 

Besides, FireMonkey provides components and libraries that you can integrate into app purchase options or set ads inside your app. Here is the official tutorial where you can learn how to add advertising services in your Delphi and C++ Builder FireMonkey apps. Using the AdMob Service – Delphi & C++ Builder

The Benefits of Using One Codebase 

There are many benefits to using one codebase for your cross platform apps. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it saves you time and money. 

Moreover, since you are developing apps for various devices and operating systems, you will use IfDefs. This allows you to write specific code for the specified OS and utilize features given by the particular OS. Furthermore, this is a sign of flexibility – easy to track down and fix bugs. Learn more about it here.

One of the other benefits of using one codebase is compared to mobile app development for multiple platforms, and prototyping is rapid and easy when considering single codebase application development. As the mobile app development process becomes faster, prototyping becomes faster with more effectiveness. Prototyping is essential for the growth of your application and provides an adept direction for its development.


Consider these signs if you are unmoving on the barrier about whether or not to invest in cross-platform apps. If you are experiencing more than a few of them, it is time to take the plunge.

With cross platform apps, you can reach a wider audience, save time and money, and improve your overall productivity. So what are you waiting for? Head over to this page and get your free version of Delphi or C++ Builder!