10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Best Low Code App Builder

Ada Lovelace published the first computer program in 1843. Since then, programmers have been trying to simplify the art of programming. Although the low code movement is gaining in popularity and increasing adoption as a methodology, its essence is not new. If we define “low code” to mean “easy code reuse”, then it is a polished word for an age-old struggle. From inventing Assembly language to RAD tools and everything in between is an effort to simplify programming. In today’s competitive world, choosing and using the best low code app builder allows us to develop professional, elegant solutions quickly, easily and with the absolute minimum of effort.

Although people sometimes conflate the terms “Low Code” and “No Code”, they are not equal. The target audience of low code is developers with technical knowledge. In contrast, no code is helpful to business users and, often, those with little or no technical skills. Thus, no code tools are frequently primarily visual drag and drop setups with limited scope. Here we will discuss low code only.

Notably, the Low Code/No Code industry is growing even faster than the rest of the software application development market. Forrester has predicted the growth of this industry to be $21.2 billion by 2022. It was $3.8 billion in 2017, an astonishing increase of about 600%. This demand and rapid growth make it vital for businesses and developers to study and adapt accordingly. So let us discuss the top ten compelling reasons to choose the best low code platform.

1. Do you care about your IP and business secrets?

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Best Low Code App Builder - IP protection is important

Many low code app development platforms are not safe enough for your intellectual property and data. Hackers steal banks’ data these days, proving how challenging it is to take care of sensitive data. If your trade secrets, clients’ details, and other essential data reside on an online server with thousands of different clients, how secure can it be? Thus outsourcing might not be a good option for everyone.

2.Is the start-up speed of your apps essential to you?

If your App takes more than a few seconds to load, your customer is gone. The startup speed is critical and, in fact, crucial for customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, many low code apps builder software generate generalized apps that are neither up to speed nor up to the look and feel of the target platform. Customers quickly rate them low or don’t find them helpful. It is not right to conclude that your business idea has failed. The idea is only doomed because you used poor infrastructure for its implementation.

3. Is having a unique brand image important for you?

No one wants to look like their competitors. Because if customers perceive a business as a copycat, it will ruin the brand image. As a low code application platform‘s look, feel, and functionality mimics one another, the customer might perceive it as a copycat. On the other hand, the easier it is to copy your business, the sooner copycats will come to snatch your customers. Thus, building and keeping your unique brand image through Low Code app generators isn’t easy. Open source low code platforms are more prone to this problem.

4. Do you need real-life apps or just prototypes?

Real-life Apps are big, complex, and changing. That is why they are not available in their entirety on Low Code App Builder Platforms. These platforms only provide the basic functionality of well-understood problems. You have to program it yourself for anything beyond that, or it is impossible to develop in that system. On the other hand, a Low Code app builder like Delphi gives you the best of both worlds. Not only can you quickly build prototype apps for client approval but once approved, you can turn them into complex cross-platform solutions with great ease.

5. How many updates will you need?

Do you know the build number of Windows 11 and its meaning? This number means they have changed and compiled it thousands of times to reach here. Regularly and rapidly changing a product is not an option but a must-have feature. Because either requirement varies, or the updates in legal and technical frameworks dictate changes. Thus, whatever Low Code programming language or platform we use, it should be flexible and ready for rapid changes and updates.

6. Why is ease of use important for the best low code app builder?

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If an App Builder is challenging to use, it is not the best Low Code web app builder. Because only a few developers will be able to use it, which is against the Low Code ideology. On the other hand, a tremendous Low Code system is easy to start, learn, maintain and upgrade.

7. Why do you need cross-platform support?

Cross-Platform support is not a luxury these days. Consumers spend time on many devices, and they are used to having their Apps available on every device. Thus it is mandatory to have your App on every possible device.

8. Why should you prefer native apps?

Native Apps outperform others every time. Thus having a native app builder will give you an edge that your competitor will be missing. Delphi RAD studio produces native apps from a single code base very fast. You will do most of the testing and debugging on Windows, and the software will be ready to run on other platforms.

9. What are the TCO and long-term costs?

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Best Low Code App Builder - an image of a pay button to emphasize that overall TCO is important

Having an eye on the long-term expenses of any Apps Builder Software is crucial for business success. Some systems initially look cheap, but it would be difficult to change once you invest in them and deliver Apps to your customers. Then you may notice that the total cost of ownership (TCO) is way more significant than expected.

10. Have you consulted your developers?

If you are a non-developer looking for a Low Code application platform, you should first consult your developer(s) because there are many benefits. First, a seasoned developer can see through the product features for any cavities and future problems. Secondly, a developer can also see weaknesses, performance bottlenecks, and security loopholes of a system in no time.

Considering the above points, we can find two beautiful tools that provide excellent Low Code capabilities. If you need a Low Code application platform, Lansa might be a great choice. Visit The Best Low Code Platform for more details. On the other hand, if you need the best Low Code app builder software, the Delphi RAD Studio is an excellent choice for quickly building faster, native, cross-platform apps. So, let us explore the Low Code features of the Delphi.

A glimpse of low code features of Delphi

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need The Best Low Code App Builder - a sportscar interior to emphasize the speed and power of RAD Studio Delphi and C++ Builder

Delphi has always been a pioneer in Low Code programming. Its Visual Component Library is a hallmark of drag-and-drop software development. For example, developing a web browser or rich text editor is very difficult and time-consuming. But once you convert them to a Delphi component, it will be a child’s play for future developers. Just drag the web browser component on the form. Then, set some properties, and you have a fully functional web browser or rich text editor in less than 10 minutes with no coding at all.

This magical software development is widespread for Delphi developers. So while the world is turning towards Low Code now, Delphi developers are already using these concepts for practical purposes. The recent addition of Low Code App Wizards to Delphi is more impressive because you can build a fully functional application without any code at all. Watch these exciting videos to learn more about the Delphi’s Low Code capabilities.

  1. FireMonkey Low Code App Wizards 
  2. How to develop a Low Code Cross Platform REST Client under 30 Minutes! In Delphi
  3. Low Code Delphi Wizards
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